Bums, Buses, Shelters and Uhauls

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The Unpaved, Pothole riden, Road to financial freedom

I decided to start this Blog for numerous reasons, but mainly so I can try to piece together my past, as well as show others that where you came from doesn’t have to dictate who you are now.  I chose to follow a different path from the one laid out in front of me and if you’re not happy with yours I hope you’ll make that same decision.

I’ve heard too many times to count, “he is lucky”, “he must have rich parents”, and so on….

The people on the inside know a different story. The story of a poor kid. In and out of more shelters, houses, trailers, apartments, and motels than I can count, including a 3 day stint in a Uhaul (that’s right, I lived in a Uhaul). Surrounded by drugs, gangs and some of the worst imaginable influences. The product of a broken home and mother that had to work double shifts to support four kids alone (Yes, an actual single mom, 4 kids alone receiving no child support. I’m not really sure why she didn’t dump us off at walmart). Negative, pessimistic “friends” and a support group, that post-Lewinsky, Clinton wouldn’t be jealous of. Sound like the perfect storm for failure?

Did I mention I’m also a high school dropout?

So how did I end up landing an amazing career at 21, start my first business at 28 and currently in the process of purchasing a second at 30? Well, that’s what the focus of this blog is. As well as what I hope to be motivation, for the millions living in a similar situation as the one I came from.

Some of my stories may be sad, funny, and somewhat unbelievable all at the same time, but I think you’ll find them entertaining. I’m also going to update with what I’m currently working on, tips, and whatever else I feel is note worthy.

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