About Me

Just a little about me for new people coming to the page.

I grew up extremely poor, lived in a couple homeless shelters and even in the back of a U-haul for a short time. You can read about some of that in my older posts. I dropped out of high school after only a week. Most of my friends were on drugs and I had a lot of horrible influences in my life. I was on the fast track to completely ruining my life.

That has all completely changed!

I plan to use this blog to write about what it was like growing up for me and also about my life now. I will update it with lot’s of stories from my past and also things I’m working on now. My goal is to help anyone in a similar situation and to let them know there is light at the end of the tunnel. That you can create your own destiny no matter how it started.

Follow me on my way to financial freedom!

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