Everyone knows a Kanye….

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If people aren’t judging you, hating on you, or trying to keep you down then most likely you are living a life that they deem appropriate. When you step outside what is perceived as “normal” people will talk. Whether it’s a jealousy/envy thing or their friends started it first and they followed suit. Being different will get you attention, and sadly that attention is negative more often than not. With technology and social media it’s become almost too easy to dive into someone else’s life and pick it apart. The best part, they get to hide behind the safety of their beloved flat screen. 99% of people are posting the same things daily on social media. The 1%, those doing something different. The ones trying to change something or chase a dream. What do most people do, condemn them for that. They are the ones that get targeted. Why? It’s kind of hard to target the people that are posting the same things and have the same beliefs you do.

We have entered a time where drama reigns supreme and the only selfless acts are the ones that can be assured to get you a high five on the internet. We all know that person that only does good when they can post about it on Facebook. It doesn’t count buddy! You just did it for attention or personal gain!

Take some time to sit down and do some research. You’ll find that most of the successful people in this world were thought to be crazy or a joke. They were ridiculed and called names. They were told it would never work, that they couldn’t do it, or that they were downright insane. These people were judged and I am sure it was often. Guess what? They did it anyway!


If you want to live a happy, successful and fulfilling life then you need to learn to do it for you and no one else. Let the negative people do their thing and you do yours.

Want to be rich? Go for it!

Want to have 7 kids? Do it! (literally, pun intended)

Want to be a bodybuilder? Lift that heavy shit and meal prep like it is no ones businesses….because it isn’t!

Want to be a broke artist? Wield that pencil/paintbrush/spray can like it is your own personal magical sword of happiness !

Want to work at the same place for 40 years? Why?….. Kidding. Go for it!

You think people haven’t judged me?

Let’s see:

  • Had torn up holes in my clothes
  • Dropped out of high school
  • Dyed my hair like Eminem
  • Played World of Warcraft
  • Wore Undertaker & Stone Cold Steve Austin shirts
  • Played Magic the Gathering
  • Played fantasy football
  • Got into bodybuilding
  • Started a business
  • Bought a business
  • Joined a direct sales company
  • Got a divorce
  • Played video games
  • Lived in a homeless shelter (Life in a homeless shelter)
  • Bought a corvette while having a 2 year old child
  • oh, how endless this list could be…..Seriously, I have even been judged because I got a different hair cut once and people accused me of “changing”! Ummm hope so dude, change is growth. That is a bandwagon everyone should get on ( growth, not haircuts. You keep those beautiful locks if they make you happy!)


Don’t be a Kanye!

I’ve done numerous things that people have loved to pick apart. There are times when people have spent entire days (12 hour shifts even) discussing my life or the choices I’ve made. Guess what? None of it matters. I love my life and love all the things I have experienced. I don’t have a “clique” or a secular group of friends. My friends are chosen based on who they are as a person. Based on how they treat others, how they treat their spouses. Not based on what they enjoy to do with their time, their social stature, their bank accounts or their last name.

Stop and take a look at the people around you. The ones making fun of people, talking down to everyone and discussing others’ lives. Do they enjoy their life? Are they truly happy?

There’s a good chance that the “nerd” at the Renaissance fair or that stay at home mom selling beauty products is happier and more fulfilled in life then they’ll ever be.


Ask yourself, “Who’s life am I living?”