Home Sweet U-haul

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Who else can say they lived in a U-haul?

We weren’t always a poor family, sometimes we had lots of nice things and other times we had nothing. I’m not sure I ever got used to a particular lifestyle as they all changed so quickly. In this particular case we had lost our home, for who knows what reason this time.

We loaded up the few things we owned and threw them in the back of a U-haul. With no real destination or plan of what to do next, my mother went to work trying to find our next option.

 I’ve had many people ask me if I resent her or how I can still even talk to her after all I went through. From the outside I can understand why. Sure my mom made some mistakes, but I think we have all made our fair share.

Think for a minute how you would go about raising 4 kids by yourself. No child support, No days off, No help from family, doing it all alone. My mother never got a single day away from us kids and we were complete shits 90% of the time. Nowadays when the going gets tough mothers tend to dump their kids off or much worse. Not mine, every single time we were top priority. We screwed up her relationships, called her constantly at work, and got into trouble daily. It’s hard to blame someone when you were also part of the problem.

At the end of the day we didn’t starve to death and we never had to walk around naked. To answer the question, I don’t blame her or hold anything against her. I feel like I’m a better person because of my upbringing and it’s a driving factor for me to succeed today. You’re probably wondering how we all fit in the U-haul. You guessed it, we all piled in the back like a bunch of illegal immigrants.

illegal aliens 2

In the U-haul we had some blankets and a few articles of clothing with us, so we had things to lay on. It was a constant fight over who got the bunk bed (the moms attic) . Thinking back I’m not even sure why, every time we accelerated you had to catch yourself from rolling onto the ground.

The back of the  U-haul would have been pitch black if it wasn’t for the light up Yo-Yo we had hanging from the ceiling, As long as we were moving we had plenty of light. Unfortunately, the batteries didn’t last long and obviously we couldn’t afford more. Lights out!

Over the next day or so we essentially became vampires. Every time the back door was opened we clung to the back, avoiding the light. Is this what solitary confinement feels like? EricTheVampire <— To give you an idea of how I looked

We did stop often to get fresh air and luckily it wasn’t 110 degrees outside (this was in Las Vegas, NV). On day 2 or 3, we stopped to stretch at a park and were too hungry to even play. Sitting used less energy and our bodies were in survival mode. With no end in sight and needing to return the U-Haul soon things were looking pretty bleak.

Finally the good news came, we had a place to go!

 It’s weird thinking back on what it was like before cell phones, and not having a home phone. Having no where to go and waiting on a phone call that you would never receive. Who were they going to call? Leaving a message was pointless. Our only option was to keep stopping at payphones until we got a hold of the person we were looking for. 

Have you marked living in a U-haul off your bucket list?

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