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The Good, The Bad, The Bike Thief [motivation]

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I debated for quite awhile on whether or not I wanted to get into all this. I feel like not telling the whole story takes away from my blog. I think it is unfair to readers to only get the shiny parts of my life. We all know we cannot truly appreciate the good times without going through the bad. The truth is I was far from the good kid. Better than most, but far from an angel. I had my fair share of screw ups and did my fair share of horrible things. It is almost impossible to lead a life like mine without being tainted by the darkness that surrounded us.

turn your life around

It’s never too late to turn your life around. When I was younger we had a “bike repair shop”, So we told our mom anyway.


During this chapter in our lives we lived in “The Projects”. My brother and I had already dropped out of school by this time.

 As a matter of fact, this is the year I dropped out. The first day of class I walked in to a room full of kids that were very unwelcoming to a white kid. I wasn’t even sporting my blue backpack. As the only white boy in the class, I made it about a week. Eventually I talked my mom into letting me quit for homeschooling. By “homeschooling”, I meant playing Pokemon all day. That’s right, we had a Gameboy. I don’t know who actually owned it, but we had one somehow. During the times we didn’t have electricity, or batteries, we would head to the river and do some fishing.

Other than that, mischief occupied the rest of our time.

I’m not sure how or when we stole our first bike, but it just turned into a game after that. We would ride our stolen bikes all over the city. When we saw one we liked better, we’d just leave the one we had and grab it. I wonder if Rockstar got the idea for Grand Theft Auto from us? It wasn’t long before we had an entire bedroom completely full of bikes and parts. One time we were at Wal-Mart and there was a bike chained to a carousel. I instantly got this amazing idea! Yea, I put a quarter in that bad boy. Around the bike went and SNAP! Off I went on my new bike laughing so hard I could barely ride it.

I was also quite the food kleptomaniac. We would go into grocery stores and I’d load up on snacks for the road. This was pretty much a daily thing. I justified it because I was hungry. Well, and… I loved snacks! There was one occurrence that I almost got caught. The store clerk stopped me and said “Empty your pockets! I saw you stealing!” . So I did. His face when he saw nothing but lint balls and disappointment was priceless. Left with no choice, he let us go with an apology. About halfway down the street I slid a Zinger out of the sleeve on my sweater and ate with a smile on my face.

We broke into several houses (no one lived in them). We would paint on the walls and destroy everything. Lighting fires was one of our favorite pass times. Nothing like torching the whole dessert and running like idiots across the highway. Sorry you couldn’t keep up and got stuck waiting on traffic, Sis! Let’s not forget about those pomegranates, those bad boys would do some damage to passing cars!

The list of dumb things we did could go on for days. Hey, we had nothing better to do. Sometimes we did enjoy hanging out with the local Meth cooker that lived down the road. Watching our trench coated friend try to cast spells on people came in a close second. You could say we lived the charmed life. <—– Yes, Shannon, I did laugh at that longer than I should have.

I’m editing this several hours later and laughing again, FYI!

turn your life around


I will say that I didn’t get caught up in all the peer pressure. Most of our closest friends preferred smoking out of light bulbs while I chose to play Goldeneye on the good ol’ N64. I suppose we all have our limits.

Anyway, as you can see I was far from perfect and far from the “good kid”. I made a choice and chose to get my shit together. It’s never too late for you to do the same!