The Power of your Mind

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I’m sure we’ve all heard before how powerful our mind is. There are countless quotes stating as much. How many people truly believe they get to choose the kind of day they’re going to have? How many of you believe you create your own luck?

the power of the mind

We all know by now that I grew up extremely poor. As a kid, I was picked on and bullied. I was abused by stepfathers. I dropped out of high school. My life was setup for failure. Why didn’t I fail? It’s a question I get asked all the time. Usually after the “How are you still alive?” question. The answer is simple, I chose not to fail!

Can it really be as simple as choosing not to fail? Yes! If you’re still questioning it, then you’ve already made the decision to fail.

the power of your mind

Starting in elementary school I knew I was destined for great things. I knew I was going to make things happen for myself. I painted a picture in my mind of exactly how I wanted my life to turn out. Let us just say that the painting was a little abstract, a lot like something a kindergartner created during finger paint hour. These weren’t dreams or things I hoped would happen. These were facts, they were exactly what was going to happen. Luck was going to have nothing to do with it. I was going make it happen. Everyday I painted that same picture of how my life was going to be. That is a lot of finger paintings. I told everyone. I was proud of who I was to become. Want to guess how many people believed me? How many people laughed in my face? I didn’t care, it didn’t slow me down. My dreams were so well known, the day I drove my brand new corvette to my mom’s house, she responded with “Well you said you’d get one, I’m not surprised!” I was 21 at the time. For a brief reminder, rewind my life 10 years and I was living in a homeless shelter. Let us not forget that I dropped out of high school 6 years before this. I was scrubbing it out in the passenger side of my best friends ride at age 18. Yet here my mom was, not surprised I had a brand new corvette. Why? I had painted such a vivid picture and believed in myself so strongly that she also knew those things were going to happen for me.

Everyday, I was picked on or bullied. I continued telling myself “one day I’ll be bigger, stronger and more successful than them”. Everyday that I was laughed at for being poor, I told myself it was temporary. Everyday I reminded myself of exactly how my life was going to pan out. Everyday I made a choice. I chose to have a winning mindset and it change everything.

I haven’t quite achieved all of my goals, but I know that I will. I still plan to be a millionaire by the time I’m 35, I still plan to own a Lamborghini Diablo (or a McClaren F1, if Shannon has any say in the matter and since she is a self proclaimed car aficionado, plus she is Shannon, she will). I still plan to retire at an early age. I know for certain that all these things will happen for me. Why? Because I choose for it to happen. I created a plan for myself and I am working that plan everyday.

Lamborghini diablo


I don’t have the best education. My girlfriend edits my blogs. I am no special circumstance. I am a product of my strong will, determination, and hard work. I didn’t have anyone to hand me down a business. I didn’t have anyone holding my hand. Not one person to point me in the right direction. Not a single person to teach me how to do it. I educated myself, I read books, I read articles. I seek out and ask questions of people more successful than myself. So the only question that remains is, WHY NOT YOU?

Get your mind right and put in the work. Everything else will fall into place. Work is necessary but the reward is worth it. Overcoming trial and tribulations, make the success shine brighter.